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an old logo for SAM 94 Magicians from all over the San Francisco Bay Area meet in Silicon Valley, California. We're a local assembly of the international Society of American Magicians. Our club offers a monthly meeting for magicians -- those who are trained (or who are training) in the performing art of prestidigitation.

This is an "unofficial" web site for SAM94, but you will find things here about SAM94 and Bay Area Magic that you won't find anywhere else...

About SAM94...

A weekly lunch for magicians in or visiting the Bay Area... still going almost every Saturday!

SAM94 officers are: President, Kim Silverman; Vice President, Ken Gielow; Secretary, Joe Caffall; and Treasurer, Blaine Garst.

Our regular club meetings are on the Second Monday of each month...

Monday, March 10th, 2014

At Apple Inc. Building 1, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014

Learners' Workshop at 6:30, General Meeting at 7:30
Manfredi Corradino's Very Special Learners' Workshop Continues

We will continue working on the routine taught by Manfredi last month, with emphasis on learning each phase. The plan for this workshop will also make it possible for those who missed the first one to "catch up." Despite being very young, Manfredi, who has won awards in Europe for his magic, took "Magic LIVE" by storm last year in Las Vegas with his excellent and tasteful presentations of card magic and his charming personality and style. This is an excellent opportunity. He'is sharing one of his own routines, in a way that is easy to learn, including the presentation.

Open Performances

The second half of the meeting will be an open performance session. Feel free to present anything you would like to show, share, discuss, and/or receive feedback for.

Where is this month's meeting?

This month's meeting will be held in the Singapore Conference Room of Apple's Building 1. The address is 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino. Infinite Loop intersects De Anza Boulevard near Highway 280. Building 1 is the building with the flags at the entrance. The building will be locked so someone will be waiting in the lobby to let you in. If no one is there, or if you arrive late, call Kim Silverman at 408-386-2141 . The Learners' workshop will run from 6:30 to 7:20, so Kim will be available to let people in before 6:30 and after 7:20 , but not during, the workshop.

Nick Lewin Lecture and Workshop, June 9th & 10th

Sponsored by S.A.M. 94, Silicon Valley Assembly. These dates have just been confirmed. More information will be provided soon.

Last Month's Meeting

For the Learners' Workshop, Manfredi Corradino began teaching a very entertaining multi-phase card routine similar to an Oil-and-Water effect, but different from the usual,.

James Tedrow was voted into membership in S.A.M. 94.

Some of the first volunteers in our new 5X4 Challenge showed us what they had been working on. Those who stepped up were Jesse Rosenberg, Brian Markenson, Sy Hoff, John Jones, Fred Lee, Ken Gielow, and Kim Silverman.

James Tedrow, John Jones, Fed Lee, Larry White (Zappo), Alton Sun, Brian Markenson, Patrick Martin, and Bill Goldman performed during the Open Performance portion of the meeting.

A previous Meeting

The theme for the first meeting of 2014 was 'Something Old, Something New.' Assembly President Kim Silverman presented the new 5 By 4 Challenge and a dozen people committed to applying the idea to some aspect of their performance for the first round. During our performance session, members and guests presented combinations of effects they had been doing for a long time and some they were just starting on. Unfortunately, these were so interesting that I did not take very good notes, so the following will be pretty rough. Blaine Garst started with a card routine involving most of the audience working in pairs to arrive at matching cards, then concluded with a twist on 'Will the Cards Match' using the current S.A.M. membership card. Ariel Spencer performed a card sandwich location with his Dad, Steve. Ken Gielow stretched one of his fingers, then tapped it back to its original length. Alan Kahn performed a Color Monte routine, then showed a ring on bead chain effect he was just starting to work on. Joe Caffall has been doing the ring on chain for a few years and is now trying it with a lighter link chain and a heart instead of a ring, combining it with a necklace prediction that he had just started working with (based on an old El Duco effect but with hearts instead of dice). Suresh Govindachar combined a new effect, cards from an empty box, and an old one, Anniversary Waltz, with new patter to tell a story for Steve and Ariel Spencer. Jesse Rosenberg had Blaine choose a card, then went through series of face-up face-down shuffles, revealing Blaine's card as the last remaining face-down card. John Jones did two coin routines he has been doing and improving for quite a while, then performed Derek Dingle's All Backs. Carl Thomsen told and acted out a story about a San Francisco elf, a deck of cards, and a Tiny Plunger (of the tiny toilet variety) that could lift any number of cards called for. Fred Lee had four people make simple drawings, then did a reading for each person based on his or her drawing. Fred also did an aura reading on Ariel and his dad, then showed that one of them could feel when Fred touched the other. Stan Sieler did a new effect with some lovely medieval-looking cards, quotes from Shakespeare, and a prediction of the last card to be chosen. Then he did his Professor's Nightmare with Cat-5 Ethernet cables. David Nelson's old effect involved a drawing of a stick figure that jumped from card to card until landing on the one selected by Suresh. His new routine was passing four coins magically from hand to hand. Brian Markenson performed two completely different card effects and what I remember is that in each a chosen card was found at a number provided by members of the audience. Alan Leeds showed us his Silk to Egg routine as he has been doing it for years, then added a new bit. Kim Silverman showed us his rope routine based on Whit Haydn's Mongolian Pop Knot, then a new card effect he is developing.



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When and where do we meet?

SAM 94 meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the First Lutheran Church, Palo Alto, CA (at the corner of Homer and Webster). Click here for directions and a map.

Who can attend?

Our meetings are usually open to all magicians (or serious students of magic) -- visiting magicians are encouraged to attend. Except for special events (e.g. lectures) there is no charge to attend our meetings while you decided if you want to join our club -- or if you are a magician visiting the area. When we have guest lectures (we've had Lee Earle, Dan Garrett, Docc Hilford, Guy Hollingworth, Loren Christopher Michaels, and David Roth to name a few) non-members are required to pay to attend.

What are the meetings like?

Some of our past meetings from years ago have been: November was our annual banquet with a few performances by some members; September's theme was Halloween and Haunted Houses; July was a special lecture by Mitch Williams; April's theme was RINGS; the February meeting was a special lecture by Jerry Andrus; and the January 1997 meeting was our annual flea market and auction.

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How about a lunch for magicians... every Saturday?

There is also a lunch every Saturday for magicians to just get-together, talk, show, and share -- not affiliated with any club, no membership needed... just be a magician, show up, and pay for your own lunch (not affiliated with SAM 94). We've been doing this weekly lunch for over twelve years!

Yes, it really is still going on every saturday after all these years... Sometimes 2 people show up, sometimes 6 or 8 show up. Here it is... May 2007 and these weekly lunches are still going!

In the PAST there was Glenn's Calendar of Magic! Let's see if he'll get the calendar up and running again...???? Will he? or won't he? I think he won't...

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